About Us

At Rylaxo, we believe in the impact on the health and comfort of our customers, in order to be able to enjoy the present moment regardless of place or time.

The products we design take birth with the aforementioned principle. So they could be versatile, effective and comfortable. 

Our belief and our mission reside in a simple but challenging wish, to change the way people live their discomfort through our carefully designed products. Therefore, people can shift their attention to important moments of the life. That is the key to our success.

We designed the Neck Massagers to be versatile, health-caring and optimized for your comfort. Developed to relieve Neck and Shoulder strain and stress. Furthermore, it is designed to have an ergonomic approach so it fits nicely for those who often find themselves in stressful or high paced environments. All this, just so you can easily recalibrate your focus on what truly matters. 

It has been a journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our customers. It is thanks to them that we were able to get it off the drawing board and get it into their hands. 

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Feel free to contact us at info@rylaxo.com or fill the Contact Us form for any question or concern you may have.